2024 FEO Award Nominations are NOW CLOSED!!

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FEO’s Annual Conference is the place to be as each year, FEO rolls out the red carpet, so to speak, to acknowledge and recognize industry excellence through the annual Awards Program. These highly revered Awards and award winners reflect the best of the best in industry practices, the hard work, and commitment of those who make the festivals and events industry in Ontario such a success.

FEO Award Recipients represent Ontario’s festivals and events' finest in the industry. Among others, awards program includes the Top 100- a select group well-known and respected celebrations in the province; Service Excellence – Highlighting the accomplishments of festival and event suppliers; Municipality of the Year – showcasing the most active Municipalities in the Province providing fun activities for their community; As well as a long list of Achievement Awards that cover a variety of categories such as Volunteer, Sponsor of the Year, Social Media Campaign, Best new festival or event and many other.

This year the FEO Awards Program is FREE to enter if you are a FEO Member in good standing from September 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023

Also this year we are opening up the Awards Program to Non-Members for a one time opportunity. There is a $100+hst fee for each Award Category you would like to enter.
(next year you will NOT be able to enter in this way, you will need to be a FEO member to apply). Non-Members who wish to take advantage of this one time offer can click this Ticketpro link, pay your application fee, and then proceed with the application process.


Important Instruction For Application Process

  1. You must submit a.pdf file that contains all of the required information asked of you in order to apply for the award.

  2. You must also submit a .pdf file that contains the application form for that specific award and it must be complete.

  3. Labelling your application, entry form and all supporting materials is vitally important. Please observe the following examples




    Any documents or supporting materials NOT properly labelled will not be considered.

  4. Most .pdf files can be emailed, but many supporting materials have file sizes too large for regular email. You are encouraged to use a free file sharing website called We Transfer to send in your videos, pictures, screen caps etc. If you are using We Transfer, than you can also include your .pdf application and entry form so that all of your entry arrives at the same time from the same destination.

  5. A panel of judges from across the Province will meet several times to review all applications and determine winners in each categories. Those winners will be announced at the FEO "IMAGINE" Conference in Niagara Falls on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. If you are not able to attend, and you are a winner, there will be a $15 charge to ship awards to your office. If somebody you know is attending, plan ahead and ask if they can accept your award on your behalf and bring it to you.

  6. Deadline for entry is 5:00pm, Thursday, November 30, 2023.

 Please follow instructions carefully and make sure if you are emailing in your entry, to send it to FEO Awards Co-Chair This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Awards That Are Available To Be Won (applications are now CLOSED)


The Top 100 Award

Acknowledging industry excellence, this designation provides its recipients with a high visibility profile and marketing benefits unmatched by any other awards program in the province. Don’t miss out! The FEO Top 100 Festivals & Events Program is recognized by festival goers, peers and government officials alike as Ontario’s leading source of quality festivals and events happening across the province.

Click Here for Award Requirements and Click Here for Application Form


FEO Achievement Awards

Recognizing the accomplishments and successes of festivals and events by honoring best practices over many different categories within the industry across the Province of Ontario. The Achievement Award Categories include:

Sponsor of the Year
Best Promotional Campaign
Best New Festival or Event
Best Greening of a Festival or Event
Best Social Media Campaign
Best Volunteer Program
The FEO Impact Award 
The FEO Innovation Award 

Click Here for Award Requirements and Click Here for Application Form


Municipality of the Year Award

Recognizing the best in Municipal leadership and festival and event partnerships in the Province of Ontario.

Festivals and Events quantitatively create tremendous economic impact within your community and qualitatively engage your citizens on a collaborative level. However, perhaps you did not know that partnership support from your Municipality is a critical input to both the success and sustainability of your existing festivals and events and to the ability of your Municipality to attract new festivals and events. FEO is pleased to recognize those Municipalities that have created a supportive atmosphere for the achievement of successful festivals and events.

Three awards will be judged/presented, one from each of the following three(3) Municipality population categories: Population less than 50,000; Population 50,000- 150,000; Population more than 150,000

Click Here for Award Requirements and Click Here for Application Form


Volunteer Awards

Recognizing outstanding commitment to volunteer excellence within the festival and event industry across the Province of Ontario.

The importance of volunteers to festivals and events is immeasurable. Many individuals contribute countless hours of their time to their communities, providing quality and memorable experiences to local residents and visitors alike. FEO is proud to recognize this commitment to volunteer excellence within the festival and event industry across Ontario with our annual Volunteer Awards.

FEO’s commitment to the festival and event industry is reinforced through the recognition of these individuals who have distinguished themselves by virtue of their service to their community through involvement with festivals or events.

Click Here for Award Requirements and Click Here for Application Form


Student Leadership Awards

Recognizing Ontario students with exceptional potential, passion and dedication who engage in activity with the aim of bringing communities together for the purpose of celebration.

Festivals and Events Ontario believes students pursuing a career in event management will have a tremendous impact on the growth and future of this budding sector. The Student Leadership Award is designed to recognize student’s efforts and accomplishments within the scope of festivals and events.

Click Here for Award Requirements and Click Here for Application Form


Service Excellence Awards

Recognizing industry suppliers that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional services to festivals and events across the Province of Ontario.

Each year, Festivals & Events Ontario recognizes industry suppliers with the prestigious Service Excellence Awards Program. FEO understands that many suppliers work tirelessly behind-the-scenes supporting festival and event organizers and play a vital part in the success of Ontario’s festivals and events industry. This program celebrates the partnerships formed within the community, showcases creativity and recognizes innovation that suppliers bring to the table every day. 

Click Here for Award Requirements and Click Here for Application Form


FEO Hall of Fame Award

Since 2000, FEO has inducted 49 people into its Hall of Fame representing festivals, municipalities, organizations and events from across the province. Each individual named to the FEO Hall of Fame is someone who has dedicated their career to the festival and event industry and who has made a lasting contribution to their community, festival, event or organization.

Click Here for Award Requirements and Click Here for Application Form