FEO 2024 "Imagine" Conference - Hotel

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 The FEO "Imagine" Conference is being hosted by the Marriott on the Falls and Delegates will receive excellent room rates while attending the Conference. Just a quick note, the Hotel website shows a higher rate than what is being advertised for the conference t as it is programmed to include the $15 Destination Amenity Fee in a total. Therefore, $124 rate plus $15 Fee comes up to $139. Be aware that attendee's of the FEO Conference will NOT be charged this extra fee. The hotel cannot change their website because then regular guests will expect our rate and that will not be the case for them.


The Rates This Year Are As Follows


City View Room - $124 / per night +tax

Falls View Room - $144 / per night +tax


The first available night to book with these rates is Sunday, February 25, 2024 (for load in sound and lighting staff, marketplace vendors and out of town travelers)

 The final day you can book a room at these rates is Friday, January, 26, 2024 and then they go up in price.

 Click here to make your reservation today.