Dynamic Displays I Fabulous Inflatables

REGION 1: Southwest Ontario 1775 Sylvestre Drive, Tecumseh, Ontario, N8N 2L9 Dynamic Displays I Fabulous Inflatables Head Office
19 Jan. 2023 - 31 Jan. 2024


Making customs inflatables for events and parades all over the world

Dynamic Displays Studios started in 1962 as a creative endeavor for James Thomson. Jim and his team designed, built and installed window displays for department stores and large outdoor decorations for cities and malls.

Over the past 5 decades, Dynamic Displays has grown to become one of the world’s premiere providers of inflatable props for parades, amusement, stage sets and motion pictures.

Jim Thomson, the founder of Dynamic Displays, has been recognized by the Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association as the father of the cold air inflatable, and was inducted into their industry Hall of Fame in 2000.