Rescounts Vendors Management Software

31 Jan. - 29 Mar. 2023


Manage vendors at your festival effortlessly with Rescounts Vendors management software. A solution that consolidates all vendors' management tools: • Interactive vendors' floor plan • Booth’s sales dashboard. • Integrated communication channels • Vendors' data at reach • Payment collection. Contact us today to get your free demo! Email: +1 (647) 936-6343 +1-833-336-6343

Collect vendors at your festival, assign vendors to booths, design and create the floor plan, track booths sales, or collect vendor data at your festival!


Rescounts presents the full solution to avoid any vendors' hustle at your festival for optimal performance and accuracy. All Is Done Digitally.


  • Interactive vendors' floor plan.
  • Booth’s sales tracking.
  • Integrated communication channels to Inform Your Vendors of Any Reminders or Updates.
  • Different Credit card acceptance for booking booths.
  • Accept Vendors to pay Partial payments.
  • You get to accept or reject vendors based on your criteria.
  • Vendor's Contract and cancellation policy to be sent upon agreement.
  • Collect vendors' databases for you to utilize for future collaborations.


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