Red61 - Ticketing Software Company

REGION 2: Niagara Canada 19 Canning Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 8EH Red61 Head Office
3 Oct. 2023 - 31 Dec. 2025


Red61 is a worldwide Ticketing as a Service software company, providing ticketing and automated box office solutions for festivals, venues, agencies, and attractions. Red61 has clients across the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papua, New Guinea and the United States. Red61 is based in Edinburgh, Scotland with operations in Canada in the Niagara Region, the East Coast, and Western Canada. Red61 has many clients in Canada and Ontario, including festivals and municipalities, and is the ticketing provider for two of the largest fringe and arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Adelaide Fringe. For more information please visit: