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Event Risk Management Solutions (ERMS) is a consulting practice committed to enhancing the organizational resilience of event organizing committees through innovative risk management practices, mission readiness exercise programs, and integrated security solutions for today’s uncertain world.

Partnering with FEO, the ERMS offers “From Risk to Resilience: the Fundamentals of Risk Management for Festivals and Events”, an eLearning course developed by Peter Ashwin, one of the industry’s leading experts on event risk management, designed to bridge the risk management knowledge gap for event organizers and professionals.

ERMS’s risk based methodology and approach for organizational resilience, event safety, and security has been developed through Peter’s comprehensive experience and knowledge of major events, benchmarked against industry best practices and internationally recognized standards for risk management, safety, and security of festivals and events.

ERMS’s latest initiative has been the development and delivery of industry specific, 1 day & 2 day risk management and event security workshops for designed specifically for festival and event organizers and city special event staff.

To learn more about the eLearning course, please visit coveryourrisk.ca or visit ERMS


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