Season 3 - Episode 5

Our Tuesday Talks: Supply in Demand virtual round table sessions continue with Guest Host Kyle Sipkens speaking with Scott Ashley from Get Ready Online Inc.

Session Title: Introducing the Get Ready Online Inc Emergency Response Plan Cloud-Based Platform For Your Festival of Event.

Scott's Bio: ​​The President and CEO of Get Ready Online Inc., an organizational-resilience professional services and technology company that provides relevant Emergency Management, Emergency Operations Centre, Business Continuity Planning, and Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) programs.

Get Ready’s custom Canadian domiciled cloud-based platform enables our clients to easily access their emergency information on desktop or through native apps on mobile devices. These instant-access tools and immediate situational awareness dashboards have been an industry game changer for staff and senior management.

Get Ready is an NRC-IRAP Partner further enhancing Canadian expertise to respond to incidents with speed and confidence. Get Ready also provides incident response support to Poppy Health Inc. clients.

Scott has over twelve years experience in EMS from his early years as a paramedic in Alberta, Los Angeles County, Toronto EMS and ultimately, he worked for eight years as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic on the Bandage One helicopter based in Toronto. Since then, Scott has founded companies that focus on Incident Management programs solving problems for Fortune-500 businesses, hospitals, professional services firms, and all levels of government.

Scott is member of Canadian Chamber of Commerce – Business Led Recovery Council and a co-founding member of the FedDev-sponsored Niagara Falls Ryerson Innovation Hub -Safe Site Global Consortium.