Rosemarie Garrity-O'Brien -  Town of Collingwood

Rosemarie Garrity-O'Brien - Town of Collingwood

Inducted in 2024

From the Town of Collingwood….welcome Rosemarie to the Festivals and Events Ontario Hall of Fame.

Rosemarie was a key figure in the creation and operation of the annual Collingwood Elvis Festival for the majority of its 25-year history. She was instrumental in its growth and development… getting more than 10,000 annual visitors to support the festival and Collingwood. It is a legacy of which the Town and community are very proud…thanks in part to Rosemarie's service.

Rosemarie has also been a key id developing and planning other festivals in the community and region including Sidelaunch Days and the Collingwood Art Crawl to name a few.

Her goal is to ensure that Collingwood continues to grow as a favourite destination for performers. Rosemarie seeks out new talent, develops new venue concepts and maintains relationships with a rolodex of artists. Her latest passion is to grow the municipal busker program.

Rosemarie is the backbone of the Town of Collingwood and a very deserving new member in the FEO Hall of Fame.