Dave Miller - Sound of Music Festival Burlington

Dave Miller - Sound of Music Festival Burlington

Inducted in 2024

From the Burlington Sound of Music Festival…welcome Dave Miller to the Festivals and Events Ontario Hall of Fame

Dave Miller went from being a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in the manufacturing field, to seamlessly pivoting into event management. showcasing unparalleled dedication and leadership.

From high school Social Convener to Executive Director of Burlington's Sound of Music Festival for 13 years, Dave was known for his relentless work ethic, leadership, and unparalleled dedication to bringing live music to the masses.

Dave's profound commitment to music and the arts was evident, through successful band selections at the festival to consulting for arts organizations.

He is Extensively certified in business administration, event execution, and board governance. Serving on boards like FEO for over 6 years. Dave also has a passion for volunteering at diverse organizations like Red Cross and Big Brothers.

With his impressive history in our industry and significant contributions to tourism….Dave is a perfect candidate for the FEO Hall of Fame